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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 
Day semi-off 
Home today, sick-ish; but not missing work, exactly. I'm feeling run-down and congested and scratchy-throated, and since it's 15° out there with a single-digit wind chill, and today's high is only 21°, I really don't want to be standing at three different bus stops on my way to and from work.* And I knew I'd be tired and grumpy in the office, and I don't want to get anyone else sick, or pick up anything from anyone else who's sick, for that matter. (As I've previously mentioned, I really hate it when anyone who's sick comes into work and spreads their germs through the entire office.)

Right, so I'm not at work today. But not not-working: remember that project that, last week, was due this Monday? As I probably knew all along, it's not done yet. I'd brought the files and all my associated TextPad clip libraries and macros home on Friday, intending to work on it over the weekend; I didn't (as I probably also knew all along), but with those files at home with me now, and having had my manager send me my backup files from yesterday, I'm able to work on the project at home today. (Really, I am working on it this time.) (Except while I'm writing this, I mean.) I've worked at home before, not always with very productive results, but with my nifty-keen DSL connection, it's a lot easier to upload and download files from the company's FTP site and to do necessary research online. (It is too necessary!—looking up Bible references at BibleGateway.com is a lot faster and easier than flipping through the pages of an actual Bible, trying to remember if Habakkuk is before or after Haggai, and squinting at those tiny superscript verse numbers.)

*Three bus stops, for two trips? Yeah, it's an eastbound bus and a northbound bus on the way in, and a westbound bus and the southbound subway on the way home. (Yes, I could take the subway north and a bus east on the way to work, too, and avoid one of the out-in-the-cold bus waits, but the northbound subway-to-eastbound bus connection is spottier in the morning than the two-bus route.)

I hope they don't hate me for being in their "who links here?" logs now.

Before. But I only know that because I drilled the order of the Minor Prophets into my head through sheer willpower and rote memorization.

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Yes, that's me.


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