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Thursday, October 28, 2004 
Day off-ish 
Stayed home, under the weather, if not terribly sick, yesterday; on Tuesday I was feeling pretty run-down and on-the-verge-of-a-cold at work, and I decided to stay home and try to head it off at the pass with lots of rest and orange juice, rather than come in, feeling moderately miserable, and wind up making it worse and getting the entire office sick too. (Don't you hate it when people with contagious diseases drag themselves to work, demonstrating their martyrdom, and stay just long enough to infect everyone else before saying "Actually, I should have stayed home in the first place"? And they also serenade you with hacking coughs or explosive sneezes or sinus-clearing snorts, so you can't concentrate on whatever you're doing for more than five minutes. Just stay home! Really! The moderate amount of productivity you provide by not missing a day or two of work is nothing compared to the lack of productivity caused by everyone else having to miss work because they contracted your disease. Okay?)

Anyway. Stayed home yesterday; you'd think it would have given me time to blog, but even though I spent some time in front of the computer, I didn't go online; I just hate my dial-up connection and getting mugged by Microsoft updates that make my whole system swim-through-molasses slow. So I guess today I'll try to catch up on the things I was hoping to write about yesterday; although, of course, I've also got that Actual Work thing to do. (I've got a t-shirt idea: "Will work for DSL.")

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