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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 
Hey, DSL backwards is LSD 
Ooohhhh, I got me some DSL—on my home computer, even—so the slow dial-up connection I so often complain of is gone, gone, gone—at least till my 60-day free trial of DSL is up, and I have the feeling I'm going to pony up the money on Day 61.

It's not as fast as I'd hoped, but it's sure as hell faster, and being able to download a 5MB file in 38 seconds is a vast improvement. And I really like being able to click on Firefox in my QuickLaunch menu and go straight to my homepage, instead of clicking on the AOL icon, waiting for the window to open, clicking on "Connect," waiting for it to dial, waiting for it to do that "brrring, brrrring, beep beep beep" thing, waiting for it to say it had done that and actually open AOL, and then click on Firefox and get to the real Internet.

This is probably TMI in the most boring sense...but, really, this is the most exciting enhancement to our house since we got cable in June (um, since we paid to get cable in June; for the two previous years it was, ahem, free). J. asked if he was going to need a photograph to remember what I looked like; I posit that I won't spend too much more time online, because a lot of the time I used to spend was waiting for things to download or upload and being mugged by Windows updates. (I'll let you know how accurate that "not too much" prediction turns out to be next week.)

Oh, phoo, almost 11:30; must be a good computer-user and post this and...I was about to say "log off," but I don't have to. Sah-weet. But I do have to post this and get ready for bed. G'night, at 10MB a minute...

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