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Thursday, January 13, 2005 
One of those weeks 
Did you ever have one of those weeks where you said "Yeah, I'll have that project done on Monday" and then it was Thursday and you had absolutely no idea why you ever thought it could be done by Monday? (Even better—I'm making up a program name here—I said "Sure, we can make the deadline, unless something really crazy comes up in the Cite-O-Matic step." Today, I got to the Cite-O-Matic step, and guess what? Something really crazy came up! I mean, you think you've seen every weird way someone can do a Bible reference citation, and then, my God [um, so to speak], someone does something weirder. Oy. How hard is it to say "Genesis 1:1," people?)

It's also been one of those weeks where I get to work late-ish (9:30 instead of 9), don't start actually working till 10, then forget to have lunch until 2:30 or later. (Today I kicked myself out of the office at 3:30 to get something to eat.) This is probably one of the ways I lose weight ("dang, I forgot to eat again!"), but it's annoying to have to tell myself to eat, and, for that matter, to move every half-hour so my legs don't fall asleep. (Behold the power of Ritalin. It's legal speed, I tell ya.)

Gosh, another really boring entry. I've been copying links and quotes and writing draft posts in my ever-growing "text.txt" file, but I never get around to perfecting them and posting them. Feh. This weekend my DSL connection and I might spam my blog with a week's worth of backed-up "I read this in the Times" or "I saw this on Fark" or "J. and I talked about this last night" posts. And pictures. Oh, you guys are gonna get pictures of my bird, whether you want 'em or not. (She's molting right now, and not very photogenic, but I've got plenty of pre-molt pictures languishing on my hard drive.) Oh, and the Mummers Parade! I meant to post pictures of that on New Year's Day. If you're not from Philly or the Philadelphia TV viewing area, the Mummers Parade is...hard to explain. (If you are from Philly, it's still hard to explain, but at least you're used to it.)

Okay. Time for that nighttime-routine thing again. And if I survive the work week, I'll be back tomorrow.

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