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Friday, October 22, 2004 
Sportin' life 
I don't think I've ever gotten as many comments on my blog as I did on yesterday's Red Sox post; I guess people really do like to talk about this sports stuff, huh? I've concluded that the reason the Red Sox pennant victory has elicited so much discussion and celebration is that it makes two classes of people very happy:
  1. People who like the Red Sox.
  2. People who hate the Yankees.
And between the two of them, they account for just about everybody in the entire country, except for the actual Yankees team members and their immediate families and maybe 10% of the people in New York City. Everyone else? Happy as clams in a federally-protected watershed. Julie of No Fancy Name sums it up nicely: "We should start a 'my team's not in the playoffs but I'm rooting for the Red Sox' group." So, unless you're a Cardinals fan...let's crack a Sam Adams and say "For the next four-to-seven games, we're all New Englanders!"

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