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Thursday, October 21, 2004 
The Sox sock it to 'em 
Well, dang, the Red Sox finally did it: as everyone who's ever paid attention to baseball knows by now, they came back from 0-3 to spank the Yanks last night and win the pennant. J., a native New Englander, reacted with actual wonderment: "F!ckin' A, they finally did it. I haven't rooted for the Red Sox in 35 years. They f!cking broke my heart when I was eight." [Pause, looking positively beatific.] "You know, the response of the average New Englander, when they tied the series, was summed up by a Fark headline yesterday: 'Red Sox win Game Six. Now one game from gut-wrenching heartbreak.' But they won the pennant, and no one can take that away from them." [Pause.] "There weren't any Olympic judges involved, were there?" [Beat.] "No one can take that away from them."

I feel like New Englanders should be congratulated—as if they were responsible for the Red Sox finally getting into the World Series—heck, maybe it was their collective karma that finally did it. (I know I'm using the word "finally" a lot, but I can't think of a better one.) And certainly they deserve to be congratulated for putting up with The Drought and The Curse all these years. Good on ya, people. Enjoy it while it lasts; and may it last.

(Another thing J. said: "If they have any foresight at all, they'll arrange the seating for the World Series so no one's close enough to the field for fan interference." I don't know if that's possible—I think it's a safe bet that the stands will be full—but, say, a Plexiglass shield in front of the first row wouldn't be a bad idea.)

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