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Wednesday, September 15, 2004 
At the end of the workday... 
Okay, I didn't wind up getting anything alcoholic during my lunchtime outing, and I didn't even buy anything at Mineralistic, but I did go to the salad/buffet bar at Chef's Market and took all the good crusty edge parts from the macaroni-and-cheese tray. (Hey, when it's raining and I'm hormone-beset, don't even think of getting between me and those crunchy, toasty, cheesy carbohydrates!)

Then, as part of my ongoing Mildly Useful Services to Mankind program, I decided to update last year's entry on how Microsoft Word sucks and I had to download my own copy of the VBAWD10.CHM file to include a link to a place where you can actually download the VBAWD10.CHM file. (It's the most popular search request for my site that doesn't involve Li'l Kim, and I decided that it wasn't fair to have my site so high in the Google search results without having an actual link to where you could find the darn file.) Anyway, the updated entry is back on October 8, 2003, under the title Evil Microsoft Word. And if you're from the Microsoft legal department, a) don't sue me and b) make your frickin' help files easier to get, okay?

Now I just have to kill ten more minutes in the office (to minimize standing-in-the-rain-waiting-for-the-bus time), then it's home to J., the bird, and the ever-useful freezer full of mixed drinks. Oooh, and I get to watch last night's episode of the Daily Show, featuring Pat Buchanan—I wonder if my "gosh, I love Jon Stewart!" reflex will be able to hold its own against my "f!ck, I hate Pat Buchanan!" reflex. Hey, it's a science experiment. Pass the vodka.

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