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Tuesday, July 06, 2004 
Frozen drinks 
I left off on Friday with a mention of "a freezer full of cosmopolitans and margaritas and rum punch." And while I have (surprise, surprise) other backlogged things I want to post about the weekend, I'll provide, for the time being, a quick Frozen Drink Tutorial:

Never mind all that crap about putting drink mixes and ice cubes in a blender and then having a blender to clean and more ice cubes to make. Frozen alcoholic beverages are easy. Just mix up your drink of choice, preferably in quantity (six servings is a good number), put it in a container—I recommend zip-lock freezer bags, quart or gallon size—and put it in the freezer for six hours or so. The alcohol keeps the mixture from freezing solid, so you wind up with a nice cocktail slush. Scoop or pour or ladle it into a glass, stick in a straw or a spoon, and pretend you're lounging on a lanai watching the fairy terns swoop among the palm trees. Heaven.

While I'm here, my recipe for the metropolis, which is a lot like a cosmopolitan but better:
2 parts cranberry juice
1 part each mandarin orange vodka, Triple Sec, and Rose's lime juice
A batch of six fits perfectly into a standard 64-oz. glass Ocean Spray cranberry juice bottle, which is very convenient. I'm never without a bottle in the fridge and/or a bag in the freezer. I've got a good margarita recipe and a luscious rum punch, too; but those would require going downstairs and finding the cards they're written on. Maybe tomorrow...

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