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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 
.tmp-orary insanity 
Cross-posted from my journal, because I'm busy lazy nah, busy.
Spent(=wasted) at least half an hour editing/re-editing and running/re-running one of my Perl programs over and over, unable to figure out why one of the steps wasn't getting the right results when all the other ones were; finally realized it was due to the difference between these two things:
Ah, the wonderful world of programming, where just a few characters can fark up the whole thing...and I get paid to catch tiny little incongruities in other people's text; how'd I miss that comparitively glaring error in mine?

Oh well; at least it's less significant than the three letters left out of the 1631 "Wicked Bible," which turned the Seventh Commandment into "Thou shalt commit adultery." (I've heard various stories of what happened to the printers after that, including that they met untimely, fire-induced ends; they didn't, but they did have to pay a £300 fine that put them out of business.) (My mood has been vastly improved, by the way, after reading about this and other Bible-printing bloopers at The "Wicked" Bibles, from Theology Today 37:3 [Oct 1980].)

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