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Thursday, January 20, 2005 
First snowfall of the year yesterday—I watched it through my office window, small flakes falling thick and steady, with less than an inch of accumulation. And I was happy.

Yes, I know: snow in the city gets ugly very fast. Exhaust turns it black, tires turn it brown, dog pee turns it yellow. Traffic slows down or stops, cars skid, pedestrians fall, buses run late or not at all.* When the weather warms up, it turns into dirty slush, and then to dirty puddles; when the weather gets colder, it turns into slick ice. But...but, but, but...when I see the first snow of the season, when it's clean and white and covering everything with a pure even layer that looks as soft and rounded as a down pillow...the nine-year-old girl in me comes out and gets all excited and thinks "Oooohhhh, that's so cool! Ooooohhhh, it's so pretty!" Yes, even though I don't get snow days off from school anymore, the first snowy day is as fresh and exciting as the first snow I ever saw.

There, that's quite enough quasi-poetic transports of rapture and reminiscence for one day...

(I wish I'd had my camera with me yesterday, so I could've taken pictures when the snow was falling; I've got it with me today, and I'll try to get some pictures of non-black/ brown/ yellow/ trod-upon snow in the more attractive areas around my office and my neighborhood. Probably by the time we have another snowfall, forecast for this weekend, I'll be well over it, and I won't want to take any more pictures; but for now—Snow! Yay! Snow!)

*Earlier versions of this sentence included "cars skid and stall, pedestrians slip and fall, buses run late or not at all," but I thought it would be really lame to have that many rhymes.

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