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Sunday, January 23, 2005 
Snow screens 
I said I'd post pictures, and for once, I'm really doing it: I call this series "Sunday Semi-Silence; or, South Philly Side Street, With Snow." I took these in front of my house at about 2 p.m. today, and the street's probably going to stay like this until the weather warms up enough for the snow to melt; plows can't fit down our street, and if they did, there's nowhere for the snow to go except up on the sidewalk (and the cars) again. Some of our neighbors spent the morning digging their cars out, and you can bet they're keeping a jealous eye on those parking spaces. (Hopefully without gun in hand. People have been shot over parking spaces, but not in my neighborhood, that I know of.) (This is, by the way, the only time of year when I'm actually glad I don't have a car.)

Click on any of these thumbnails for the big(ger) picture.

Establishing shot, looking down my street. (The stadium where the Eagles play is about a mile away in this direction.)

snow street south

Establishing shot in the opposite direction. Notice the guy on the next block trying to get his car into the street.

snow street north

This one gives you a better look at the depth of the snow (and the tire tracks) in the middle of the street.

snow street tracks

Snowed-covered cars, and a parking space that's been turned into a shoveling drop-off site.

snow street cars

My front porch; our shoveling drop-off is that dead space between the gate and the big planting pot. (One year it got piled up so high we had to take the snow inside and melt it in the laundry tub.)

snow steps porch

Right in front of my door. I like the way the ironwork looks against the snow; I wish I had a better camera.

snow steps rail

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