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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 
Semi-on day 
Well, this is the darnedest thing: I stayed home today (yesterday, technically, since it's after midnight) with the intention of getting work done, and I actually got work done. Quite a bit of it—I even got through the dreaded Bible-reference linking stage (this is where the program I've codenamed "Cite-O-Matic" comes in; the frippin' thing drives me crazy, but fortunately this project didn't have too much weird stuff getting in the way). Um, yeah, TMDI (Too Much Dull Information); I just think it's sufficiently odd to be noteworthy that I got more work done, probably, than I would have if I'd gone to the office.

I think staying home, warm, and well-rested has nipped whatever I was coming down with in the bud, so unless I feel markedly worse tomorrow morning, I think I'll go into work. The project's still due yesterday, and even though I did get stuff done, I think my manager would be a lot happier if I were in the office to be told it needed to get done.

Ideally, of course, if I want to feel better, I shouldn't be up till 12:45. But I'm only awake now because I didn't eat enough during the day and got painfully hungry at midnight; I had to go back downstairs and make a sufficiently filling mini-meal so I could get to sleep. Now I've got to brush my teeth again; phoo. Well, better get to it, and to bed. G'night.

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