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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 
Note to self 
Eating nothing all day but olives and chocolate-covered espresso beans does not make my stomach very happy. (It wasn't very happy yesterday, and sent back the soy-noodle instant soup I tried to convince it to digest; yecch. I'm having chicken noodle soup and saltines from the boring but reliable Wawa convenience store across the street for lunch today, despite all the just-add-water Thai noodle bowls in my desk drawer.)

I've been tired and semi-sickish for the past few days; not enough to stay home (or, um, convince myself to go to bed earlier), but generally run-down, faintly nauseous, too cold or too hot all the time. (Hm. That sounds a bit like the flu; but wouldn't those symptoms all be worse if it were? And I don't have any of the usual winter-ailment congestion/coughing/sneezing symptoms [so far—knock on wood].) Sleeping more would probably help most; I've got an initial appointment at the Jefferson University Hospital Sleep Disorders Center on Thursday, which I'm mildly dreading; I don't like going to new doctors, and I really don't like the idea of anybody staring at me while I sleep. Ick. But I've got to do something, and it's only an initial evaluation, so I don't have to dread the sleeping-in-front-of-strangers part quite yet. (Ick.) Who knows, maybe they'll even figure out something useful. Doctors occasionally do, I'm told.

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