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Friday, November 19, 2004 
You're nobody till somebody satirizes you 
The title's a bit satirical itself, but you do know you've arrived when people start making jokes about and/or fun of you.* And BBspot has taken on Mozilla for this week's "Top 11" list: Top 11 Firefox Extensions. My favorite is #11, "GetOffYourLazyButtAndWalkToTheFrontDoorForPetesSake 0.01 - Snail mail notifier." I also like #6, "ExtendItNow! 2.1 - Pings update.mozilla.org every 15 seconds so you'll know when it's back up. Never have outdated extensions again!" and #4, "PopUpEncourager - For those popup lovers, for every popup window on a webpage, FireFox will display 2." So, how long do you think it'll be before someone actually makes some of these?

(I didn't find this link in my own supposed-to-be-working Web-surfing time—my manager actually sent it to me, on his Web-surfing time. I've converted most of the office to Firefox, and I'm working on the rest of them.)

*In my brief summer of moderate media exposure I knew I'd reached a new level of quasi-celebrity when Salon.com accused me of being a fraud. Hey, if they're paying enough attention to attack me, I must being doing something right! (The whole summer of 1999 is a loooong story; maybe I'll tell it sometime. It involves undiagnosed mania and the "Blair Witch Project" online fan base phenomenon.)

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