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Wednesday, November 03, 2004 
Today is another day 
Good things. I'm concentrating on good things. Here we go:
  • Barack Obama beat Alan Keyes by what I think counts as a landslide; I'm surprised anybody voted for Alan Keyes. (Were their tinfoil hats over their eyes?) And it's refreshing to have had a major election where nobody could vote against (or for) The Black Guy because they were both black guys. Yes, it was necessary to make a choice not based on race. Welcome to the post-Reconstruction era.
  • In more local news, Melissa "Queen of Sleaze" Brown (that's the Philadelphia Daily News's description, not just mine) was unable to defeat her Democratic rival, Alison Schwartz, even with the ads that said, basically, "My opponent is in favor of rape and hates America." (See, Schwartz was endorsed by Move On, which opposed military action in Afghanistan, where the Taliban sanctioned rape and sponsored anti-American terrorism, so a vote for her was, according to the Brown campaign, a vote for Pure Evil. In my opinion, that fucking ad was an example of pure evil.)
  • Yeah, so, um, constitutional bans of same-sex marriage were overwhelmingly passed. But those were state constitutions. So maybe the bigots and zealots will decide it's safe not to amend the U.S. Constitution after all. Maybe they'll decide it really should be left up to the states if they think the states are doing what they want them to do.
  • Everyone I personally know voted. Even those who said they didn't think they could or weren't going to. That's the main thing I'm going to remain positive about. Thanks, guys; whoever you voted for, Bush or Kerry or Badnarik or Nader or the man in the moon, you voted for democracy. And, as I said last night, maybe we'll get to do this again in four years!
And, finally:
  • No more campaign ads. Back to junk food and beer and car and reality show and insurance and male-enhancement pill and chain-store commercials. I'm not actually glad they're back, but, after the viral skin infection clears up, the pimples don't look nearly as bad. (After the shark lets go of your leg, the mosquito bites are easier to stand. After the rain of frogs and eyeballs stops, the hailstones roll right off your back. I got a million of 'em.)
Well, that's about all I can think of. There's going to be retail therapy, indulgent food, alcohol, or a combination of all three at lunch, I can tell you that. And in the meantime, I'm resetting my countdown widget:

1462 days till the next presidential election

That's November 4, 2008. Redesign your t-shirts accordingly. Woo-ee! Can't hardly wait. My money's on Kodos.

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