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Monday, November 29, 2004 
Post-holiday "still here" post 
I thought about posting over the weekend, but I was feeling too darned lazy; and anyway, there wasn't much happening. Thanksgiving: Dinner was good, relatives were bearable. Rest of the weekend: Read a lot, slept a lot, stayed up way, way, way too late on Friday and Saturday; watched some of the VH1 "Awesomely Bad" marathons; played computer card games; interacted with the bird (she's starting to molt again). Didn't leave the house after getting back from Delaware on Friday morning; didn't watch the news; didn't go online. I wasn't a total slug—I did five or six loads of laundry—but overall, it was a holiday, and I took it.

I caught up on my e-mail this morning, Fark.com and my LiveJournal friends list at lunchtime, and I'll tackle my RSS blog feeds over the course of the afternoon, maybe into the evening. (You people write so darned much!) And maybe I'll even think of something interesting to post about. (Or at least something to post about; "interesting" might be pushing it in my post-long-weekend mental lethargy.)

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