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Thursday, November 18, 2004 
The occasional benefits of late lunches 
I did go to South Street; I did go to Chef's Market; and although usually when I get there after 2:30 I'm left with the pathetic remnants of the buffet table, today I arrived just as they were putting out the new trays—I got the very first crack at the macaroni and cheese straight from the oven. (I'm all about the crusty edge pieces; mmmmm, crispy brown cheese...) And Julie of No Fancy Name supplied me with an online tea-purveyor with the elusive Earl Grey green tea I've been searching high and low for. And there's only an hour left in the workday (well, in the official workday; I'll probably be here till 6 anyway.) All in all, the past hour has beaten the pants off the rest of the day and all of yesterday. Wa-hoo.

(By the way, since I mention Chef's Market all the time as if I expect people to know what it is, here's a link to their Web site. It's a pretty darn boring Web site, but I did learn that they do in-flight meals. [Humph. Not on any airline I've ever been on.])

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