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Thursday, November 11, 2004 
Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead 
Call Schrödinger, Monty Python, and the Munchkins: the cat's out of the box, the parrot's not just resting, and ding-dong, Yasir Arafat is really most sincerely dead. (That's a link to the New York Times "this is what happened last night" story; if you're really ambitious, here's the New York Times obituary, which is eight HTML pages long, and has probably been written and re-written over the course of the past thirty years. Registration required, of course, but that's what Bug Me Not is for.)

The first coherent thing I said today, after "Good morning" and "Coffee": "So last night they said that Arafat was really, truly dead. Is that still what they're saying this morning?"

J. reported that yes, yes they were; then added, in a stentorian news-announcer voice, "Arafat's condition has been upgraded to dead." (Whereupon I snarfed my coffee.)

Keith at Alcohol Was a Factor posted a list of conflicting Arafat headlines on Tuesday, 21 of 'em, from sources ranging from Canada.com (Arafat in coma, hours to live as officials arrive for hospital) to Reuters UK (Palestinian minister says Arafat still alive) to the Skagit Valley Herald (Arafat in a Coma, Condition Getting Worse). (The last link is dead already, but I couldn't resist the name Skagit Valley Herald.) I'm going to try to collect all the Fark.com Arafat headlines from the past few days and post a list of them—my favorite, from Tuesday, is "French medical services insist Arafat is still alive and playing Halo 2."

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