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Tuesday, November 02, 2004 
Exercising my 19th-amendment rights 
Here we are at last: Election Day. Even though I didn't get to bed till almost 2 a.m. last night, I was sitting bolt upright at 7:02 when J. came back from exercising. He did an actual double take and said "Concerned about the state of the republic, are we?" (I usually can't be dragged out of bed till 7:45 or later on weekdays.) We had coffee and breakfast, then went to our polling place—less than half a block away; a benefit of living in a small neighborhood. There wasn't much of a line, and we were in and out in less than fifteen minutes. Back to the house for more coffee, and for J. to take an "I voted!" picture of me. I didn't get a sticker—no one else in my office did, either; what's up with that, Philadelphia?—but I'm offering these pictures as, if not technically proof, an indication that I voted (and hence am permitted to comment on political posts in other peoples' blogs, and have sex with anyone else who voted—that being J. only, of course, who also voted, which works out nicely.)

Here I am in my Vote t-shirt, holding my voter-information postcard (which you can't read in this picture, but I've scanned it below):

me after voting
click to enlarge

Also I'm wearing a beaded American flag bracelet, which you can see a little better here:

vote pic detail

Here's a scan of the voter-info postcard, with the most specific identifying information blocked out, of course, but you get the idea:

voter info card
click to enlarge

Now I'm going to do my darnedest not to post or talk about the election for the rest of the day, and avoid the news as much as possible, and desperately hope the whole thing's over by tomorrow. Just one last thing...

A vote for anyone is a vote for democracy.

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