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Monday, November 01, 2004 
Evening observations 
Went to the drug store to pick up some prescriptions around 8 p.m. En route: saw somebody being ejected from a Republican campaign center—a loud, beefy guy who looked about fifty was bodily pushing out a less-beefy, but even louder, guy who looked about seventy. (Sample shouts: "...but it's my right to..." "...well, whatever you said was the wrong thing to say to him...") I stayed the hell on the edge of the sidewalk and kept my head down; woo-ee, can't wait till the polls open.

At the drug store: Discovered that it's Christmas. The Halloween displays were mostly down, the remaining costumes and candy were on sale racks at the front of the store, employees were sitting on the floor opening cartons and setting up boxes of...Christmas stuff. Christmas cards, Christmas candy, Christmas decorations. Ack! Who the hell starts decorating for Christmas on the first of frickin' November? Can't we at least have some turkey- and Pilgrim-oriented items to ease us from pumpkins to Santa?

Well, I'm going to attempt to get to bed before midnight, in a further attempt to wake up early enough to vote before work. Less than an hour till the polls open in New Hampshire. Less than twenty-four hours till they close in Hawaii. Oh, man, I can't wait for this to be...dare I say "over"? Well, for the campaign ads to end, anyway. See you on the other side of midnight...

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