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Friday, November 05, 2004 
Deep in the heart of Texas 
Multiple choice: In Dallas County, Texas—the red state to end all red states, the cornerstone and centerpiece of Bush Country—the voters elected a sheriff who is:
  1. a Democrat
  2. female
  3. Hispanic
  4. openly gay
  5. all of the above
And the answer is (e)—yes, really. Lupe Valdez is also the first woman, first Hispanic, and first openly-gay sheriff elected in that county. And no, her Republican opponent wasn't caught three days before the election in a meth lab in the basement of a crack house engaging in a menage à trois with an underage hooker and a Great Dane, or anything less hyperbolic along those lines. A majority of the voters just thought Valdez would do a better job. Well, dang. Perhaps all is not lost after all.

Update: I was so excited I forgot the link. It's from PlanetOut.com, where the writers were apparently also so excited they couldn't figure out what to do with the headline: they probably didn't know which "first" to use, so they just wound up with Lesbian becomes first Dallas sheriff (which implies that there weren't any sheriffs in Dallas County before, but even the copyeditor in me will give them a bit of leeway because the story's so cool).

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