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Monday, October 04, 2004 
Where's your line? 
How massively cool is this?: Bloglines can subscribe to public LiveJournals, not just blogs whose authors* have created their own feeds. Since I got my online-journal start on LJ, and still have friends with whose lives I want to keep up who use LJ, I'm tremendously psyched that I can add them to Bloglines and have convenient access to them in a browser sidebar, instead of having to make a separate trip to my LJ friends page (which, I fear, I haven't been doing nearly as often as I should). Of course, I'll still have to check the private journals and friends-only entries by hand, but hopefully having the other journal feeds and public entries right there in front of me will remind/encourage/shame me into signing in and reading the rest.

*Anyone have a better word for "person who does the blogging"? I tried "owner," "proprietor," and "creator," but none of them felt right. "Blogger" is the default, of course, but "blogs whose bloggers..." was too redundant, even for a Monday morning.

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