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Friday, October 15, 2004 
"Three things" meme 
How come when I don't have time to write anything, I have time to do memes? Maybe because they don't require me to think of something to write about; it's just answering questions or clicking buttons or checking off boxes. Anyway, here's the "three things" meme that's been going around, swiped in this instance from reflections:
  1. Pet Peeves: People keeping noisy dogs in houses/apartments that are obviously too small for them, especially if they're next door to me; car alarms; the vagaries of public transportation.
  2. Favorite Sounds: As the "noisy dogs and car alarms" answer above might suggest, I much prefer the lack of sounds. If I've got to pick something: the beach in winter when there aren't any people there, and it's just the water, the wind, and the birds. (I'm not sure if that's one or three; I declare this category done, though.)
  3. Favorite Flavors of Candy: Sour apple, root beer, butterscotch (not all at once).
  4. Biggest Fears: I'm assuming this is different from "phobias," which are irrational fears (the top three of those are tornadoes, arthropod pests, and bumper cars); let's see, rational fears: getting depressed or manic again; forgetting to pay bills and screwing up my credit rating even more; goofing off at work so much I get fired. (She said, at work.)
  5. Biggest Challenges: Keeping my mood stable (especially as the days get colder, shorter, and darker); managing money in even the loosest sense of the word "manage"; maintaining anything like a regular sleep schedule. (Lack of sleep can trigger mania, which can lead to spending money with wild abandon; it all ties together.)
  6. Favorite Department Stores: Lord & Taylor is the only one I go to in the city; department stores don't crop up in urban areas very often. I'd rather be in a bookstore anyway.
  7. Most Used Words: Probably "okay," "well," and "um," but if you mean real words...let's see, I just ran a program on the file I type all my blog entries in, and the top three words that aren't articles, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, or forms of the verb "to be" are "people," "know," and "actually." Which makes sense, actually (there's another one!): I'm always starting sentences with "You know, people, [subject] is actually [my take on subject]..."
  8. Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni, mushrooms, broccoli (again, not all at once).
  9. Favorite Cartoon Characters: [blank stare]
  10. Movies Recently Watched: You had to ask. Um...I'm trying hard...okay, "Singin' in the Rain" a few weeks ago on TCM, "The Fellowship of the Ring" with the designers' commentary track sometime since Labor Day, and the "Showgirls" DVD with the "Greatest Movie Ever" commentary track, also sometime since Labor Day. (One of the things I picked up in film school is a very strong disinclination to watch movies.)
  11. Favorite Fruits: Generally, whatever's in season; in early summer, I can't get enough strawberries; in late summer, you can't get between me and a peach; in fall, I'm all about the orchard apples; and in winter, hand over the citrus fruit and nobody gets hurt. (I really, really liked mangoes before I realized I was allergic to them; if I could still eat them, they'd probably still be my favorite, but I can't, so I try not to think about how good they are.)
  12. Favorite Vegetables: Broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes—yes, I'm the weirdo who actually likes the stuff on the top of the "Vegetables People Automatically Hate" list. (I like brussels sprouts, too, and I think cabbage is highly underrated, but I had to put the sweet potatoes in the top three so it wouldn't be a Brassica family sweep.)

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