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Monday, October 11, 2004 
Talking to the TV (and who, on TV, does the talking) 
Attack ad on TV; after voiceover (not the candidate's voice) implying, basically, "my opponent is in favor of molesting children and killing police officers," candidate comes on to do the "I approved this message" bit:
Candidate: My name is Melissa Brown...

J.: "...and my fingerprints are on this icepick."
Incidentally, this campaign, in which two women running against each other, is the only one I've noticed that has male voiceovers for all the attack ads—I've been wondering if it's because a female voice saying bad things about a female candidate would just be perceived as bitchy. A male candidate, of course, couldn't use a male voiceover in an attack ad against a female opponent, because he'd sound like a big meanie who beats up girls, and probably kicks puppies; but a male voice speaking on behalf of a woman is a sober and authoritative intercessor. Or something. (Hey, I haven't been in a media studies class for four years; my analytical vocabulary isn't what it used to be.)

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