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Thursday, October 21, 2004 
Sticker shock 
Bumper sticker, seen on the way to work this morning: "God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts." That's the first anti–religious-whackjob bumper sticker I've ever seen that appeared to belong to a genuinely religious, God-and-fellow-man–loving person. Go you, whoever you are.

(Most anti-whackjob bumper stickers/t-shirts/buttons seem to belong to people who aren't particularly religious, if they're religious at all [and if they're not actively anti-religious]: "My invisible friend can beat up your invisible friend," "I like God but I hate his fan club," "The Christian Right is neither"; and most genuinely-religious, non-whackjob paraphernalia simply affirm the owner's devoutness while not indicating the presence or absence of whackjobbery: "Honk if you love Jesus," "God is my copilot," the ever-popular Jesus fish.* Not that religious non-whackjobs have any kind of anti-whackjob responsibility; it's just a very refreshing thing to see print.)

*Fact o' the Day: the Jesus/fish connection started as a piece of Greek wordplay. In Greek, the word for "fish," ichthus, is an acronym for the phrase "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior"—iesous christos theou huios soter.† See, every now and then I learn something not-completely-esoteric from all the Bible-related projects I work on. (For "esoteric," see, for instance, my post on the link between Biblical Hebrew and marshmallows.)

†Yes, the transliterated word for "son" starts with "H," not "U," but that's just an indication of how it's pronounced; the actual Greek character is the same upsilon that's in "ichthus."

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