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Friday, October 15, 2004 
Red ten, c'mon, I need a red ten! 
Remember back before every computer was, or at least could be, connected to the Internet, before easy access to the World Wide Web, when the only way to goof off on a computer was the built-in card games that came with your PC? The granddaddy of them all, Solitaire; its evil descendent, FreeCell; its "let's pretend I have friends" cousin, Hearts; and their token non-card-game companion, Minesweeper. Well, last night I was up late, I didn't feel like going through the hassle of going online with my dial-up Internet connection, I'd finally finished the backlog of New York Times crosswords I'd downloaded from the summer; so I clicked on the long-neglected "Games" shortcut on my desktop, and lo and behold, there they all were; and, almost an hour later, I'd determined that they were as addictive as ever. I was never a fan of Hearts, so I didn't revisit it last night; but I played a few rounds of Solitaire, one of FreeCell, two of TriPeaks (FreeCell's live-in friend, which didn't come with the computer but has lived there for five years), and a whole lot of Minesweeper. Man, I used to love Minesweeper. And I think I may have rekindled the affair. I think I might even forego some of my usual workday-break Internet time in favor of it. It'll be just like 1995. Pass the caffeinated water, and does anyone have a red ten? (There's two in every deck, there's gotta be one around here somewhere...)

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