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Friday, October 01, 2004 
Political potpourri 
Well, for the first election year since 1988, I didn't watch a presidential debate. For one thing, I was painfully tired (I accidentally took my nighttime medication in the morning yesterday, and the side effects had me just about falling face-first into the keyboard until early afternoon); I wasn't in the mood to stay up till 11 watching anything. For another, I just can't stand listening to George Bush talk, and after months of swing-state campaign ad saturation, I'm not too interested in hearing Kerry talk, either. (I don't mind hearing what they have to say; I just don't like hearing their actual voices.) And, theoretically, J. and I already know who we're voting for; there isn't much that could change our minds. (J.: "John Kerry would have to tell me, in person, that he went to Thailand to f!ck small boys to make me vote against him. And even then I might reconsider because of the Supreme Court.")

And, goldang it, I'm tired of the sniping and the back-and-forth soundbites and the taglines that have been said so often they don't mean anything anymore. A thought I had this morning on the whole waffling/flip-flopping/inconsistency issue:

Are people supposed to go through life without ever changing their mind about anything, regardless of their maturation process and personal experiences? If people never changed their minds no matter what happened, Saul wouldn't have let being stricken blind on the road to Damascus make him give up his busy job supervising the execution of Christians.

I forget exactly who said this about Bush—I think it was Jon Stewart, but whoever it was, I like it: "He drove straight into a brick wall, but he didn't blink." And while I casting about for "Republican for Kerry" gear, I saw this on a t-shirt: "Bush just flopped."

(Republican? Me? Well, technically; I'm registered as one. [No! Wait! Come back!] There's going to have to be a lengthier "Me and Politics" post pretty soon, I think. If I try really hard, I might even be able to piece something together before the election. [Try really hard, or get really liquored up; the latter sounds more fun than the former, and whatever I write would probably be a lot more fun to read.])

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