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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 
One week and counting down 
One week before Election Day. ("60 Minutes" ticking-watch noise.) And that means only eight days until the recount! (She said pessimistically.)

This morning:
J.: I'll be happy when this election is over. I hope I'll be really happy, but I'll settle for it being over.
I had a dream about it being a week before Election Day; in the dream, I said "I'm glad there's only a week left, I'm really sick of all the negative ads and constant media coverage and spin-doctoring and everyone arguing about politics all the time." And then I woke up and it was August, and there were three months until Election Day. And that was one of the most depressing waking-up realizations I ever had. (Among the others: I can't fly, I'm not on the staff of the Daily Show, and I wasn't a member of Monty Python.)

By the way, I know that you are all registered (right...?), but as a service to humanity, here are the states where there's still time to register: Maine (register in person up to and including election day); Minnesota (election day registration at polling places); and Wisconsin (in person at the local voter registration office up to 5 p.m. the day before the election—Nov. 1st, in this case). (Links go to official state election Web pages; information via Fark the Vote, which is a much more serious, useful, and well-designed site than the name would imply.)

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