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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 
You're a celebrity, get you out of here 
Okay, can minimally-talented famous people please stop pushing minimally-interesting merchandise? First of all, Britney Spears has her own perfume (technically "fragrance," which will be visited upon perfume as well as lotions and bath gels and the like); my comment to the TV when I saw the commercial: "Of all the things I don't want to smell like, Britney Spears is high on the list."

And I was innocently browsing Amazon.com when I came across their latest A-to-Z diversification project: The Paris Hilton Collection. No, really. And no, unfortunately, it does not include her *cough* home video endeavors; it's just overpriced, not-particularly-attractive, and blindingly pink Swarovski crystal jewelry. (At least one item is also fairly disturbing: the—oh, heck, let me use the official product name—Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Multi-Cross Necklace by Paris Hilton. One cross is a perfectly normal thing to have on a necklace; seven crosses, crystal or not, presents the unsettling impression of an ancient Roman multiple execution site. Um, yuck.)

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