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Friday, September 03, 2004 
It's foxy, it's fiery, it's functional 
I haven't mentioned my Mozilla love recently, but this I gotta report: I ran Ad-Aware on my work and home computers for the first time since installing Firefox, and it didn't find anything—except four tracking cookies on my home computer that it picked up when I was downloading Mozilla with Internet (H)explorer. Four tiny cookies aside—nothing. Zip. Zilcho. With IE, I'd be cleaning up twenty files at a time, sometimes registry keys, actual spyware twice. And my Norton Internet Security icon would send up its red exclamation point alert anytime I was online on my home computer for more than an hour. Mozilla? Nope, nada, nothing.

I know the lack-of-security-holes is one of Mozilla's biggest marketing points, but it wasn't till now that I had visible evidence that, dang, it's really working—or, to put it another way, IE isn't. It's kind of like, "Hey, since I moved into this new house, I haven't had any bats or starlings or giant flying cockroaches crash through the windows and build nests in the attic and leave droppings all over the floor!"—when you ought to expect that any house would have bat/starling/cockroach-proof windows. Especially after you'd cleaned out the first five or ten or fifty infestations.

(I love metaphors. Can you tell?)

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