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Friday, September 17, 2004 
Is that thunder? 
Weather-wise, maybe; it's gray and they're predicting "showers and possible thunderstorms" (translation: "we don't know what the f!ck is going to happen, just bring an umbrella").

Computer-wise, you betcha: I got myself Mozilla Thunderbird, having finally gotten completely fed up with Outlook (H)express. I haven't been happy with it since, um, ever, but yesterday the inability to create what ought to be really simple message rules to get rid of spam I really shouldn't be getting just did that sucker in. (That, and I was on the Mozilla Web site to get the latest Firefox release [as hyped by anything but ordinary], spotted Thunderbird, and thought "if it's half as much better than Outlook as Firefox is than IE, it would be cheap at twice the price if it weren't free."*) I always hate changing e-mail clients, because hitherto it's required all kinds of account-setting reconfiguration and trying to figure out where the hell to import the messages from and completely re-creating the address book; but installing Firefox was such a cinch I figured Thunderbird probably would be too. And it was: I downloaded and installed it in seven minutes flat, imported everything from Outlook with outrageous ease, did about two seconds' worth of tweaking with the account settings, and voilá, I've got a work-appropriate e-mail client that doesn't spread viruses like a port-city whore and doesn't launch that &@#%@%! Windows Messenger every damn time I start it up. (My O'Reilly Windows XP Hacks book tells you how to disable Windows Messenger, and I did it on my home computer, but I never got around to bringing the book or instructions to work.)

Anyway. Now my computer menagerie includes a thundery bird and a fiery fox, and Microsoft and all its minions can go kiss their own asses, 'cause I damn sure don't want them near mine.

*I am a professional user of the subjunctive tense. Do not try this at home.

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