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Friday, September 17, 2004 
Is that thunder, or my head pounding? 
Head pounding. Definitely. I think we may accidentally have purchased decaf coffee two days ago; yesterday I felt okay, but if today was my second morning without caffeine, it would explain the nasty headache I've got. It's definitely not a hangover—I didn't have more than a glass of wine last night, and I drank plenty of water. And I haven't missed any of my meds this week. So caffeine withdrawal, I think, it is.

I went up to South St. and deposited my paycheck, then stopped at the Cosí across the street for some coffee; it was crowded and dimly-lit and I had trouble reading the coffee menus, so I went for a single shot of espresso. And, okay, what gives: it was about two tablespoons of coffee, not even half of the Dixie-cup–sized cup it came in, and it cost...$1.59? Yeah, I know people are always complaining about the high prices at chi-chi coffee chains, but at least a 20-oz. drink you paid $3 looks like a drink. I mean, if I'd paid the guy in quarters, the stack of change would have come up higher than the fluid level in the cup.

Yeah, okay, I'm cranky. (Could be another side effect of caffeine withdrawal.) But at least I got my coffee fix, and I'm hoping the headache will start to recede. In the meantime, with the deposited paycheck burning a hole in my bank account, I think a bit of retail therapy might be palliative...

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