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Monday, September 27, 2004 
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Convenient as the Sage RSS reader extension for Firefox is, some of its quirks—especially the absence of a "mark all read" option—have been getting increasingly annoying, especially on a Monday morning when I've got the weekend's accumulated posts to go through; and, with Jen at reflections waxing enthusiastic about Bloglines (most recently in an entry titled blogline goodness), I went ahead and signed up for it; and with my boss temporarily out of the office, I spent some time re-creating my feed list from my blogroll, and discovered that Bloglines was able to find feeds on sites that neither Sage nor my eye had been able to detect.* So I'm pleased to report that the "unfed blogs" blogroll is a thing of the past, and I'm also pleased that I'll be having a more user-friendly RSS reading experience in the future. And what would any browser- or blog-oriented update be without a new button to commemorate it?—yep, a Bloglines button, over next to the RSS button in the sidebar. (Those 85 x 15 pixel buttons are just so addictive...)

*I'm not sure how that sentence wound up being so long; I blame the semicolon and the emdash. On the other hand, I actually do talk like that when I get excited about something—inhaling becomes optional, and the clauses just pile up, usually with increasing rapidity.

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