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Saturday, September 25, 2004 
Yeah, I keep saying I've been working on Bibles too long, but...I've really been working on Bibles too long: Crossword clue, three-letter answer: "St. Paul setting." Of course I can run through the books of the New Testament in my head, in order (although only to the tune of Offenbach's "Can-Can"), so it's a cinch to pick the abbreviation that fits the answers I've got so far—there's an R in the first square, so I fill in ROM, for Rome/Romans. A while later, I decide that's not right; I clear the squares, fill in some stuff around it; now it looks like it ends with a T—but there aren't any epistles with a three-letter abbreviation ending in T—well, except Titus, and that's a person, not a place. And Acts is not only not a place, but who would bother to abbreviate "Acts" as ACT? Okay, let's try some clues on the other side. Now it looks like it starts with a C—COR, for Corinthians? Except the R as the third letter isn't working too well either. Well, let's try another part of the puzzle for a while...

So I filled in some of the clues farther away, and worked my way back into that section; and it finally became clear that what they were looking for was CST—Central Standard Time—as in, the time zone for St. Paul, Minnesota.



That St. Paul.

Never mind...

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Yes, that's me.


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