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Friday, September 17, 2004 
All buttoned up 
I belatedly discovered that there is a Thunderbird promotional button page, akin to the Firefox button page, at Mozilla.org, but not until I'd already failed to find such a page and made my own Thunderbird button. And I've decided I don't think I wasted my time; their smallest button is 94 x 15, whereas mine's 80 x 15—the standard blog button size, so it lines up nicely with the others. I've got it over in the sidebar, next to the Firefox button, under the heading "join us." (Nobody preaches like a convert, huh?) I also grabbed a more-attractive GuestMap button and moved it up with the other buttons. And if you haven't already, would you mind going over and signing my guest map pretty please? (Imagine big Bambi eyes here.) I'm incredibly easily gratified by that kind of thing.

Feel free to swipe the Thunderbird button, if you also want to spread the word with less than 94 pixels—just right-click and save, not that you don't know that. Right now it's a 96 dpi PNG image, 80 x 15 pixels, because that's what the Firefox button is, but it can of course be turned into a 72 dpi GIF or whatever else you want.

Spread the word. Spread the bird. Get Thunderbird

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