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Monday, September 13, 2004 
9/11, on 9/13 
Well, we got through another of those.

My main goal for the weekend was not to watch any news; I didn't want anyone telling me what to think or how to feel or reminding me to remember, and I damn sure didn't want to see or hear any politicians or news personalities trying to cash in on it. I hashed this out with myself in my pen-and-paper journal, and didn't come to a completely clear conclusion as to exactly what was getting to me, but it came down to something like this: Capitalizing on misery is not as evil as creating misery, but it's as mean and small and cynical as evil is vast, and neither of those alternatives is good. And it sure as hell doesn't make me want to vote for you. (Or watch your news program. [Hi, Fox News!])

Speaking of voting, I put an Election Day countdown widget over in my sidebar, along with some "register to vote" links—not that you aren't registered to vote, of course, and not that I think more than about twelve people ever actually read this, but every link makes those sites' Google ranks a little bit higher, so there they are. (And here they are: Rock the Vote, Declare Yourself, and even that wacky Federal Election Commission. And here are the voter registration deadlines for each state. Come, Googlebot, come!)

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