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Monday, August 30, 2004 
Olympic fever, belatedly 
I watched the Olympic closing ceremonies last night, with the athletes all down on the field in the middle of the stadium, waving and holding camcorders and mingling with one another, and all I want to know is...how do I get to be an Olympic athlete? I don't even want to win anything; I just want to be able to stay in the Olympic village and be in the closing ceremonies.* Considering my age (29) and known physical limitations (anemic, not tall), it'd have to be equestrian or weightlifting—and equestrian would take a lot of time and money. (But you can do it into your 60's, so if I ever get rich I can try it...) Hm. I wonder how much weight I could lift?

(J., who used to lift weights in an approaching-serious way but stopped before he hit the really serious way, tells me that weight training takes years, and gym fees and trainers and equipment cost less than horses and stables, but still aren't cheap. Well, sure, if you want to be reasonable about it...)

*I think one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Yale more than any of the other schools I visited on the Junior-Year College Tour is that I visited on moving-in day, when the campus was full of enthusiastic freshmen who were absolutely thrilled to be there. All the excitement and energy and enthusiasm made me want to join in, to be a part of it, to move in right then and to hell with my senior year of high school. (Of course, I did go back and finish my senior year of high school...and then I moved in at Yale...)

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