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Monday, August 16, 2004 
More McGreevey 
My favorite thing about the McGreevey situation: since New Jersey counts as local news, on Friday morning the story got the front-page above-the-fold four-column 72-point-all-caps-headline treatment from every newspaper in the city, including the free daily commuter paper that's available in every subway and train station, and which almost everybody picks up when they take public transit. And you can probably guess which five words, out of the governor's entire speech, were turned into those banner headlines. So this is what I saw on the subway on the way home on Friday: just about everybody on the train, from the guys in suits to the guys in overalls, from the women in stilettos to the women in flip-flops, from the people with briefcases to the people with strollers, was carrying a paper declaring I AM A GAY AMERICAN. And you know what? The world wasn't ending. Straight people weren't turning gay, gay people weren't turning lavender, no one was getting propositioned, no one was getting bashed. It was truly a beautiful sight.

My second favorite thing, which I heard on the radio alarm clock this morning when I wasn't entirely awake, and wasn't sure wasn't a dream, but have since confirmed on the radio station's Web site: McGreevey's approval rating has actually gone up since the announcement—two points higher right after the speech than it was two weeks ago. Not that it makes any difference, since he isn't running for election again, but it's an interesting side note to the whole situation.

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