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Friday, July 02, 2004 
Now, honestly 
I stopped at Essene, the local macrobiotic/vegan/organic food store, to get lunch after doing some errands that took me in that vicinity; I got the only prepared salad I could find that didn't have seaweed or mock-meat or something weird like that in it (it did have "hemp nuts"—which were more like millet seeds than nuts), and a Snapple-sized bottle of iced tea from a company called Honest Tea. (Excerpt from the back-of-the-bottle copy: "We brew our tea in spring water and add just a hint of sugar cane juice." Very much just a hint; I drink my tea black, and I think this stuff isn't sweet enough.) Anyway, like Snapple, it has a snippet of text on the inside of the bottle cap; but instead of a cheesy, not-necessarily-accurate "fact," it's a Chinese proverb that runs thus:
If we don't change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going.
Um, yeah. You don't say. Does it even count as a proverb if it's just a boring overstatement of an obvious fact? ("If we keep going where we're going, we'll go where we're going.") It makes me miss the depth and incisiveness of fortune cookies.

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