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Wednesday, July 07, 2004 
I'm a toolbar tool 
I'd like to be a Mozilla Firefox person, really I would—I've downloaded and installed it and everything—but darnit, I'm a toolbar junkie, and I can only get all my toolbars to work in Internet (H)explorer.

toolbar screenshot
click for bigger image

I've gotta have my Merriam-Webster toolbar so I can look up words on the fly when I'm copyediting (or doing the Times crossword on my computer);

M-W toolbar screenshot

I need my Yahoo toolbar because that's where all my bookmarks live (plus it's the fastest way to get to my primary e-mail);

bookmark screenshot
click for bigger image

and I don't need my Google toolbar, I guess, but I like all the search tools and the extremely aggressive pop-up blocker,

Google toolbar screenshot

and I especially like the option where you can toggle highlighting of search terms on the "found" page.

Google highlight screenshot

Oh, I know Mozilla is wonderful. It handles Unicode brilliantly, and you wouldn't believe how good right-aligned Hebrew looks in it. But...but...my toolbars! I want my toolbars!

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Yes, that's me.


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