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Wednesday, July 21, 2004 
How about some shallots? 
Okay, The Onion is seriously pissing me off these days. What the heck is up with the News in Brief items being frickin' hyperlinked to their own little pages? The whole point of News in Brief is that it's a collection of short items all on one page that you can read all at once without clicking links (or, in a physical newspaper, turning pages). Perhaps I'm just catastrophically lazy about my entertainment these days; but really, clicking to get to every single 200-words-or-less News in Brief item? (I'm especially annoyed because it seems the "More News in Brief" link they used to have is gone, and that implies that the archives are gone too, unless you sign up for "The Onion Premium.")

Several minutes later: Yup, the free archives are gone, as the Onion FAQ tells us:
Where did The Onion archives go?

All Onion archived content is now only available through an Onion Premium membership. The Onion Premium Archives contain all of the Onion content from the past six years, from January 1998 through the present. Nearly 300 complete issues are now available, with more coming soon. You can browse by issue, by topic, by section, or search the entire archive by keyword. Click here to join Onion Premium.
Grr snarl snap humph. I probably will wind up subscribing to it; and being able to get the full archives, instead of just selected articles, is an improvement, even if you have to pay for it; I'm just annoyed that it snuck up on me. And I'm annoyed about the News in Brief no matter what. Hell, maybe I should subscribe to the print edition; at least there wouldn't be frippin' hyperlinks...

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