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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 
See you on the seacoast of Bohemia 
When Dick Cheney made the comment (which he now denies making, although the Daily Show, via their usual painstaking grueling exhaustive research practice of watching the news, found a clip of it) that a meeting between al Qaeda and Iraqi agents was "pretty well confirmed," he also said it took place in Czechoslovakia. Which, as you may recall from the past eleven years of European history, no longer exists. (Of course, if it's a nonexistent meeting, I guess it can not-have-taken-place in a nonexistent country.)

I've just about given up on expecting politicians and newspapers to know that it's "Ukraine," not "the Ukraine"; but seriously, Czech-o-fncking-slovakia? Give my regards to the shah of Persia and the archduke of Austria-Hungary while you're over there, okay?

Yeah, okay, if something happened in Istanbul and you say it happened in Constantinople, you're not necessarily wrong about the facts of the actual occurrence. (If it actually occurred.) You just sound like an antiquated fuddy-duddy who hasn't bothered to pay attention to anybody else's history since the end of World War II. (Or, at least, the history of anybody who hasn't a) pointed nuclear missiles at you or b) struck oil.)

Not that that actually sounds like certain government leaders, or anything...

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