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Thursday, June 17, 2004 
More spring cleaning 
Oh, I'm just getting all kinds of spiffy here. (Well, not that many kinds, really, but spiffier than I've been.) I had to put up a link for my RSS feed, so people know it exists and can find the darn thing; I did some discreet, in-between-boss-walking-by Web searches for a button, couldn't find one I liked, and made one in Photoshop during my Official Afternoon Break. While I was at it I put in some external-link buttons I'd been gathering from other blogs, and while I was at that, since I was mucking about in the sidebar, I figured it was time to put in a "What the heck is 'zhaba'?" link in the "about me" section. (Short answer: It's the Ukrainian word for "frog." Long answer: see the About "zhaba" page. [Which isn't the same as the About Zhaba page.])

Maybe one of these days I'll get really spiffy and get me some moxification—as soon as I get past the "I'm not worthy!" feeling I've acquired from posting extremely irregularly, with days, weeks, sometimes months in between. (On the other hand, I get the impression they're swamped, so maybe I should get my name on the waiting list.)

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Yes, that's me.


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