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Tuesday, June 15, 2004 
In the news, world and local 
I really wish terrorists would stop kidnapping people from New Jersey and southeast Pennsylvania. I mean, of course I wish they'd stop kidnapping and killing everybody; but I'm really getting tired of all the local news coverage following the template "A man from the [whatever station] viewing area has been kidnapped by [whoever], and the [station] news team is at his house, where his family is holding a prayer vigil, and our own [annoying reporter] was able to talk to the man's [tearful relative] before having the door slammed in his face..." (Well, they don't usually have that last part.) And of course they run the story at least four times a day (morning, noon, 6 o'clock, 11 o'clock), usually several times per newscast, and they interview every extended family member and neighbor and high school teacher and gas station attendant who will talk to them ("Yeah, he used to fill up his truck here and buy beef jerky at the counter, always seemed like a nice guy"). I mean, jeez. Give the people some privacy, or at least don't block their driveway with your news van all night. And we can do without the updates-that-aren't-updates, too. ("Area man [name] is still being held by [whoever], and while there's no word on his condition, we're sure his family is still praying for him, as we saw in [annoying reporter]'s story on Monday night"—which they then replay, in case you missed it the last four times they showed it.) Man, I almost wish we had some winter storms or playoff-bound sports teams for them to obsess over.

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