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Monday, June 07, 2004 
D-day b-day 
Turned 29 yesterday. Me: "My last chance not to be thirty." J.: "You'll have plenty of chances not to be thirty. This is just your last chance to be younger than thirty." (He's turning 45 this year; he's not very sympathetic to my complaints of feeling old.)

Checked out the New York Times "On This Day" page for June 6 (don't know if the "subscription only" thing applies to this page). Turns out I was born exactly 100 years after Thomas Mann, which isn't bad. Not that having the same birthday as a famous person is actually an accomplishment; but I'd rather focus on Thomas Mann than, um, Robert Englund, or a rapper known as "Uncle Kracker." (My favorite happen-to-have-the-same-birthday people are Nathan Hale (the Revolutionary War patriot who went to Yale, and of whom there is a ridiculously handsome statue outside my freshman dorm) and John Trumbull, the Revolutionary War-era painter that my college at Yale was named after.)

I feel like I need a nice neat wrap-up line for this entry, but I don't have one. Okay, The End. (That's always a good one.)

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