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Wednesday, April 07, 2004 
You're not being served 
Last night on ABC News: a segment on pharmacists who refuse to dispense birth control on religious grounds. And not just morning-after pills, which can, depending on circumstances and your definition, be counted as abortifacients. We're also talking about the plain old Pill here:
The Food and Drug Administration and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology have defined pregnancy as beginning at the moment a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall. But many conservatives believe pregnancy—and therefore life—begins at the moment of fertilization, up to a week before implantation. Since the pill, the so-called morning-after pill, and other hormonal contraceptives can take effect after fertilization, they see these medications as ending human life.
Okay. Fine. Be that way. I'm not going to bother to argue about it. But this is the part that steams me:
CVS [the pharmacy that this particular story is about] says its policy is to dispense legally prescribed therapies to customers as quickly as possible, but it will not force pharmacists to do things that would violate their religious beliefs.
This is the "slippery slope" part. You start from there, and where do you go next? What do you set the precedent for? "Hm, your last name looks Jewish. You need to convert and be saved before I can help you." "You want AZT? Well, God sent AIDS to kill you people, so you'd better just go home and get busy dying." Once you start, where do you stop?

(And can I point out that people take birth control pills for other reasons than birth control? I take them because otherwise I have The Periods From Hell, with anemia-inducing blood loss and crippling cramps. Don't you dare tell me I can't take medicine to prevent that, instead of having to check into a hospital and get an IV drip to rehydrate after puking my guts out for three days. Okay?)

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