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Thursday, April 15, 2004 
Can you hear me now? 
You know, one of the best things about the ubiquity of cell phones is that telephone companies have stopped calling all the time trying to get you to change your long-distance service. (My response was always something along the lines of "I don't care how much I'm paying, I don't make many long-distance calls and I'd rather pay whatever I'm paying than go through the hassle of changing services." Two cents less a minute after 9 p.m. if I answer all your questions and fill out all your forms and tell my current service I'm not using them any more and answering all their questions? Um, no thanks. I'm willing to pay just about anything if people will leave me the hell alone about it.)

My parents have a rental property at the Jersey shore, and they don't want to pay the phone bills for all the tenants all summer, so they didn't sign up for long distance service when they bought the house. It took the telephone companies months to accept that they really didn't want long distance. "But we'll give you this rate!" "But we don't want it." "But we'll offer you this deal!" "But we don't want it." "But it's such a good price!" "But we don't want it." "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Are you really, really sure?" "Yes." "Are you really, really, really sure...?" Man, you'd think we were trying to explain that we didn't want oxygen.

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