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Friday, March 12, 2004 
Friday Five 
1. What was the last song you heard?

Probably whatever was on the radio at the store where I bought my lunch, but I don't remember noticing it. And I guess snippets of songs in TV commercials don't count. So, um...um...hm. I don't listen to music on purpose very much. Um...okay, I'm stumped. Next question.

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

In a theater, on DVD, or on TV? I hardly ever go to movie theaters; we went to "Chicago" after the Oscars last year, and went out with J.'s brother to "Catch Me If You Can" in the January or December before that. I vaguely remember watching the video of "L.A. Confidential" about two weeks ago, but I don't know what recorded movie we watched before that. And on TV, we watched "Apollo 13" two weekends ago (we just kind of got sucked into it as we were channel-flipping on a dull Sunday [Saturday?] afternoon), and some weeks before that we watched "Stargate" on the Spanish channel. ("Porta de Stellare," or something like that; I don't know much about Spanish. I was mostly paying attention to the dialogue in Egyptian anyway.) It's really a lot of fun to watch cheesy movies dubbed into Spanish; many of them don't make less sense...

(A side effect of getting an undergraduate degree in film studies and spending three or so years in a master's degree film program seems to be that I absolutely hate watching movies, unless I really get myself psyched up for it, or I get sucked into it without meaning to—like, channel-flipping into something, or wandering into the living room while J.'s already watching something. People have made fun of film classes because they think watching movies is fun, not work; but after all those film classes, I think watching movies is work, not fun.)

(Could be worse. I could've been an English major and wound up hating reading.)

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

Lunch: a roast beef hoagie, a green apple, and a bottle of V8 Splash—the "Berry Blend," because the tropical fruit one has mangoes, which I love, but am irrevocably allergic to. One of the seminal moments in my young-adulthood, in terms of assuming responsibility for my life and making decisions I didn't like For My Own Good, was when, in high school, six months after discovering mangoes and deciding they were the best fruit in the entire world, I made the connection between eating them and getting hives on my lips a week later (the delayed reaction kept me from figuring it out sooner), and resigned myself to never eating mangoes again. I'm still kind of bitter about it. I mean, if I have to be allergic to something, why does it have to be something I like so much?

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

We're buying, or at least planning to buy, a pet parakeet (yay!), so we have to make sure the cage is set up, figure out what pet store to go to, find a bird, and buy it...does that count as four things, or is it really only one? And I've got to do laundry. And pick up some prescriptions that have been languishing at CVS all week. Also J. is going to work on my brother's house on Sunday (the kitchen we started working on in October is almost done!), but I'll probably just stay home with the laundry and the TV Guide.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

The coworker I'm training to do some file conversion work, the coworker who took it upon himself to tell her the way he thinks she should do it, a guy who wandered in off the street and asked what we do here (we moved into this office two months ago, but the previous tenant's sign is still on the roof, so people keep walking in, stopping, looking around and saying "You're not the copy place anymore, are you?" There's a small copy shop on the corner, though, and we direct people there; they [the store] are picking up a lot of business all of a sudden), another coworker who asked me if I was going to talk to the second guy who wandered in off the street (I didn't), and, before all of that, the cashier at the convenience store where I bought my lunch. I have a thrilling life, don't I? (I actually waited until the afternoon to do this Friday Five because in the morning I hadn't talked to five people yet.)

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