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Tuesday, February 03, 2004 
The First State and the primacy of primaries 
Meant to write this earlier, but that working-at-work thing got in the way. I'd better hurry up and finish it now, before Lieberman joins Punxsutawney Phil in his hole in the ground...

So this morning J. and I are watching the early TV shows, and our local station has footage of Lieberman campaigning in Delaware, my minuscule home state—right outside the Wilmington Music School, where I took piano, horn, and voice lessons. (Delaware is so small there's no more than two degrees of separation between anyone and any other person, place, or thing. Ask me about the Thomas Capano case sometime.) Most of the candidates have ignored Delaware entirely (okay, so we only have fifteen delegates, but that's still more than North Dakota!), and J. and I were surprised to see Lieberman making an appearance there.
J.: He must want to show that he can carry a, quote, Southern state.

Me: Hey, Delaware is half Southern. Two-thirds, really. In area, at least.
(We're actually on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line; the northernmost county, New Castle, is as Northeastern as you can get, with more chemical and banking industry headquarters than you can shake a Teflon® stick at; the southern two, Kent and Sussex, are pretty darn Southern, right down to the Confederate flags on the pickup trucks, but they're inhabited almost entirely by chickens. [I don't know if this is still true, but when I was in high school, Delaware had the nation's highest chicken-to-person ratio, at 7:1. {Other states have more chickens, but they also have more people.}])

Anyway. Yes, two-thirds of Delaware is Southern; but the chickens can't vote.

Later in the day, the evening news mentioned that Lieberman was going to drop out if he didn't carry a single state; me: "Ah, that's why he chose to focus on the smallest." But it looks like Delaware has cast its lot and its chickens behind Kerry, and Lieberman is bowing out. Oh well. At he got us a few news cameras in a music school parking lot on a rainy February morning...

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