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Wednesday, January 14, 2004 
Still here 
I haven't disappeared from the face of the blogosphere; it's just been totally crazy at work. For one thing, our office was supposed to have moved last week. Much of our furniture actually has moved, as well as our DSL and phone accounts. Unfortunately, the tenant of our new office hasn't actually moved out. So we're stuck here with one working Internet connection that's painfully slow and which we're only supposed to use for business or very brief e-mail and news checking, and one working phone line that only rings on one phone. Oh, it's a joy.

And then there was the interval last week when my computer spontaneously and completely died, and my boss had to actually borrow someone's Leatherman and physically take the computer apart to get it working again. (As soon as it was working again, I tried to do a backup of all my data, in case the stupid thing died again; this is when we realized the supply cabinet and all the blank CD-ROMs were in the other office.)

Also, I'm in the middle of one of those Hell Projects that was due last Wednesday, although I didn't know it was due last Wednesday until getting back from the winter break last Monday, and moreover I had somehow failed to observe that half of the project was actually part of the project. (The files were in a different format and the hard copies were bound differently and I somehow just didn't think they counted.) I've hardly been taking breaks to eat, let alone amuse myself online.

So anyway. I'm still around, and I have plenty o' things I want to post about...just no time, and hardly any Internet capability. Maybe I'll write up some of the stuff I've been thinking about and do some backdated posts this weekend. But now, back to work, insofar as is possible...

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